Agricultural Credit

Includes all loans granted to borrowers, whether beneficiaries of agrarian reform or not, to finance activities relating to agriculture; processing marketing, storage and distribution of products resulting from these activities.

Auto Loan

Auto Loan - a credit facility designed for acquisition of brand new or secondhand motor vehicles for personal or business use.


Back-to-Back Loans

The Bank offers back-to-back credit facility to its depositors. The loan is fully secured by assignment of deposit. This is being encouraged considering that assets and liabilities of the bank are fully utilized at minimum risk.

Bills Purchased Line

Clean- Bills Purchased (BP) line is a type of quick and clean credit accommodation. It represents the purchase of clean bills, i.e., checks drafts and other similar instruments, proceeds of which are credit to the customer’s deposit account as clear funds.

Consumption Loan

Loans may also be extended to individuals or businessmen who need funds for personal use. This is also secured by acceptable collateral.

DepEd Teacher's Loan

DepEd Automatic Payroll Deduction System (APDS) for Public School Teachers - A multi-purpose salary loan program offered to public school teachers and non-teaching personnel of the Department of Education where monthly loan amortization is assured by DepEd under its Automatic Payroll Deduction System (APDS).

Industrial Loan

These are medium or long term loans granted to finance acquisition of fixed assets relative to the establishment or expansion of industrial or agro-industrial projects or any business related to production of goods and services.

Purchase Agreement-Contract to Sell

This is a credit facility extended by the bank to real estate developers to finance their receivables covered by Contracts to Sell (CTS) with the different buyers/end users, whose purpose is the acquisition or purchase of house and lot or lot. In this facility, the bank will purchase the developer’s receivables/CTS at a discount covered by a Purchase Agreement. In this credit facility, major considerations must be given to both developers and the existing buyers or end users. The account officer must undertake all requisite credit investigations, financial and credit analysis relative to stability, soundness and profitability of the developer and the paying capacity of the end users/buyers. This can be entered into either with or without recourse between the bank and the real estate developer.

Real Estate Development Loan

Credit facility extended to buy real estate, prepare it for construction and erect houses.

Revolving Credit Line

Revolving Credit Line Facility may also be made available to SMEs on short-term basis. This will enable the entrepreneur to bridge temporary shortfall in cash lows and avoid disruption of day-to-day operations of the business.