ATM Debit Card

ATM Debit Card - a powerful card that enables the customer to transact deposit, withdrawal, pay bills and other types of banking transactions through inter-bank networks. The required initial deposit is P500.00.

Business Savings Account (BSA)

These are Savings Deposits that offer high interest in form of bonus rate provided that the average daily balance (ADB) level for each type is met. These are alternatives to Time Deposit, which are made available for people in business and high net worth individuals.

Five (5) year term

Five (5) year term - is a long term, non-negotiable and tax-exempt time deposit evidenced by a Certificate of Time Deposit (CTD) issued to the depositor and includes periodic payment of earned interest. The required minimum deposit is P10,000.

Regular Savings Account

Savings Account is an interest-bearing deposit account evidenced by a passbook, subject to withdrawal slip and passbook. The required initial deposit is P500.00; maintaining balance is P100.00; required Average Daily Balance (ADB) to earn interest is P3,000

Tseke ni Juan

Tseke ni Juan is the lowest non-interest bearing peso demand account in the market. The required initial deposit and maintaining balance is P1,000.

Young Earner Savings Account

A fixed interest bearing savings deposit for children 12 years old and below evidenced by a passbook. This product will help to develop savings consciousness and thriftiness at a young age. Initial deposit requirement is P100.